Tilney II

Refreshed visual identity and marketing site redesign for leading wealth management experts

Following the acquisition of financial planning firm Towry, Tilney wanted to reflect the enhanced proposition through a lighter, brighter visual identity and full marketing website redesign.

The acquisition created one of the largest wealth management firms in the country and they wanted a brand refresh to cater for the enlarged target audience and help them market their combined services more effectively.


The Tilney brand had only recently been redesigned so they asked Vector to evolve the visual identity instead of undertaking a wholesale rebrand. This also gave Tilney an opportunity to incorporate internal and external feedback on the previous brand and make adjustments accordingly.

Overwhelmingly they felt there was a need to brighten the feel of the site whilst still keeping key aspects of the brand i.e. the logo, typeface and core colour palette.


Research & planning

The marketing site redesign presented an opportunity to reassess the information architecture in order to target key potential customers through 2 types of content pages – 1. geared towards specific professions such as lawyers and NHS professionals and, 2. focussed on specific investment goals such as saving for children or inheritance.

Through feedback and workshop sessions we were able to gain valuable insight into what customers felt about the current Tilney brand and also what stakeholders thought the key areas of focus should be for the redesign.


User Experience Design
Responsive Design
Information Architecture
Usability Testing
User Research
Interactive Prototyping
Stakeholder Research
User Journey Mapping
Brand Design
Visual Design

Team members

Sanjay Sinha
Andrea De Armas


5 months



Visual design

As most key brand elements would remain, the challenge was how to change the look of the marketing site without introducing a whole new colour scheme or type style.

We focussed on using the brighter, lighter shades from the original palette and combining them with strong, colourful imagery as well as introducing more white space and neutral backgrounds to encourage the target audience to focus on the content.

Where needed, additional secondary colours were also introduced creating an engaging experience which still kept within the boundaries of the original brand but provided sufficient enhancement to appeal to a wider audience.


Tilney saw increases in key engagement metrics such as bounce rates, average time on page and pages per visit and crucially many more online enquiries in the months after the launch.

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