Conversion (and colour) focussed redesign of leading investment platform

Bestinvest has had several design refreshes in recent years but this was the first full redesign in over 5 years.

The website had several hundred pages of content split across it’s major product and service areas, encompassing both marketing led, promotional pages as well as informative, educational content.


At the heart of the challenge was how to accommodate the several different types of visitors to the website – from a range of demographics and with differing goals – into a coherent user experience.

Of course, business goals were a key consideration but it was the diversity of content a long with it’s audience that become the main challenge for the Vector and Bestinvest combined team.


User Experience Design
Responsive Design
Information Architecture
Usability Testing
User Research
Interactive Prototyping
Stakeholder Research
Visual Design

Team members

Sanjay Sinha


6 months



Research & planning

This project had been several years in the planning but our input was required to determine how best to translate the broad UX requirements into a fully functioning multi-faceted website. Co-location meant that not only could we hold more formal sessions with key stakeholders in order to tease out the detailed requirements and goals but also to hold very valuable informal ad hoc meetings to review decisions as we went a long. At Vector’s request a number of briefing documents were created by the Bestinvest team that included both user and business goals so that the design team could get a full understanding of the context of each and every screen they were designing.


A slightly different approach was taken with prototyping as we went from low-fidelity wireframes straight to high-fidelity design and utilised the Marvel prototyping app to create interactive mockups – giving as close to realistic view of the user journey without a full build – for review by key stakeholders.

Visual design

With the large amount of content to consider and with some highly functional areas as well as more informative sections – the visual design sought to use colour and form to effectively differentiate areas of the website and key sections of the page templates. An overall colour palette with differing colour schemes for each section was created with the aim of giving major service and content areas such as Pensions and ISAs their own identity within the website. Conversion centred landing page formats were employed for account and product pages as well as card layouts for larger content areas such as News and Research to allow for easy browsing and filtering.


The website launched in January 2017 and immediately saw a spike in key metrics such as guide downloads, account transfers and overall visitor numbers. The success has led to the green light being given to the redesign of the investment platform itself, due for launch late 2017.

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