Redesigned web presence for newly expanded investment management firm

Investment management and financial planning firm Tilney was looking to re-establish itself as a leader in the wealth management sector as well as to differentiate itself more clearly from the rest of the Tilney Group’s family of brands.

It wanted to be seen as the go-to investment management firm for high net-worth clients and, as a result of its recent acquisition of Ingenious Investment Management, it was also keen to show off its newly expanded expertise in this sector.


The project’s primary goal was to create an engaging and market differentiating website that would help attract the predominantly high net worth clientele Tilney cater for.

The biggest challenge for this project though was the timeline – 8 weeks to design, build, test and launch the website to coincide with the formal acquisition of Ingenious Asset Management by the Tilney Group. This was complicated further as the design of the Tilney Group website was being delivered simultaneously, also by Vector.


User Experience Design
Responsive Design
Information Architecture
Usability Testing
Interactive Prototyping
Stakeholder Research
Visual Design

Team members

Sanjay Sinha


8 weeks




Whilst the project was divided into sprints, in reality this was a single sprint with several overlapping phases.

Research & planning was undertaken in a matter of days and benefited from a highly engaged project team with management, content, design and development all working together, rapidly identifying priorities and evolving initial ideas.

Through a planning workshop stakeholders were asked to really think about what they wanted to say through the website and what the most important content areas would be. From this a few high level priorities were determined:

  1. As expected, the service pages were top priority with Tilney looking to acquire more clients
  2. The surprise second place were the staff profiles. The highly personalised service meant that the knowledge and expertise of these individuals was essential to the proposition and therefore giving the profiles a ‘special’ prominence on the website was extremely important
  3. A range of ‘1 click contact options’ – available from every page – was also very important to emphasise the readiness and availability of the expert professionals on the phone or in person

Visual design and prototyping were very much concurrent phases with the workflow moving from pencil sketches straight to hi-fidelity design in order to rapidly progress the overall design of the project.

Interaction ‘mood boards’ were also created to identify UI features that would aid user understanding, support the new brand identity and help realise the key goal of driving prospective client contacts.

Front end build and testing was undertaken in a condensed 2 week cycle and, as modules and page templates were completed, CMS integration also ran in parallel allowing for the marketing team upload content as quickly as possible.


With an immovable fixed deadline to coincide with the official announcement of the Ingenious acquisition looming, the website was completed and launched on time and to a very high standard. Feedback internally and externally has been extremely positive with both the Tilney and Group websites nominated in the ‘Best Website’ category of the Financial Services Marketing Awards 2016.

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