Design partner for powerful SaaS cash flow forecasting tool


Information Architecture, Interactive Prototyping, User Experience Design, User Journey Mapping, Visual Design, Wireframing.

12 months

Float is a powerful SaaS product that helps businesses to make better sense of their accounts, enabling them to make more confident financial decisions.

It plugs into their accounting platform – Xero, Quickbooks or FreeAgent – and provides easy to use analytical tools to make cash flow forecasting and decisions such hiring staff, capital outlays and sales and marketing budgeting easier.

Float partnered with us to help them work through a number of issues they had identified, delivering a range of solutions on a monthly basis encompassing UX consultancy and design execution and then supporting their internal development teams to implement the changes.

Float homepage design

The marketing website had been successful in showcasing the powerful features of the SaaS product but the Float team had noticed some issues with drop-offs and conversions during the sign-up process as well lower than expected engagement on key pages such as the homepage and other key service landing pages.

UX review

The starting point was a full UX review of the marketing website, analysing Float’s user data (Google Analytics and Mouseflow) looking at the key customer journeys and the most visited pages and identifying areas that may be hampering prospective customers when learning about, and signing up for, the service.

UX strategy

Part of the review was a set of recommendations that formed the basis of the UX strategy to be implemented by their team as well as a number of design initiatives to be undertaken by us including a review of the information architecture, home, pricing and sign-up page changes and visual design refresh working within the existing brand and marketing website structure.

Information architecture

We felt the information architecture could be simplified to focus the top level navigation more on the problems that the product solved and its key benefits rather than the many sector niches that were currently being targeted. We suggested a number of different architectures that we tested internally.

SaaS UX design

Using our experience in the sector we looked at optimising 3 key phases/pages of the user journey:

– Homepage
– Pricing page
– Sign-up

We analysed the data for each, pinpointing areas for improvement and worked collaboratively with the Float team on how best to balance user and business needs as effectively as possible.

For the sign-up sequence we prototyped and tested several alternatives internally before A/B testing the final 2 sign-up pages to see which performed the best.

Pricing page design

Pricing pages are an essential part of the customer journey on a SaaS marketing website and the Float team wanted to explore how to show the various subscriptions options in a more effective way. They also wanted to present the pricing for their partners, Accountants and Bookkeepers, a brand new pricing page rather then partners having to request pricing from the sales team.

Float pricing page components

Feature illustrations

We made a number of suggestions to improve engagement with the content including creating a set of illustrations to help explain what the powerful features of the SaaS product do.

We sketched ideas and reviewed them with the Float team before creating the final illustrations. We also put together storyboards for how animated versions would work with a view to creating these in the future.

Float feature illustrations


We look forward to working with Float on further improvements to the UX and visual design of the marketing website to help drive the growth of their fantastic SaaS product.

Vector was Float’s design partner, taking the time to understand our business and users before providing both UX consultancy and design execution input. Vector carried out a full UX review with recommendations, as well as carrying through with wireframing, visual design and illustrations for key pages on our site.”

Jen Given
COO, Float
Jen Given, COO, Float
Jen Given
COO, Float