Booking journey and blood screening app redesign


Customer Experience (CX) Design, Information Architecture, Interactive Prototyping, Responsive Design, Stakeholder Research, Usability Testing, User Experience Design, User Journey Mapping, User Research, Visual Design, Wireframing.

9 months

We partnered with leading blood screening service Bluecrest to provide full UX support – from user research through to UI design – for their extensive digital transformation programme.

During the initial research phase of the collaboration we undertook a customer experience (CX) review to fully immerse ourselves in the customer experience from researching blood screening providers right through to having an assessment at a Bluecrest clinic and getting the results.

By experiencing the full service, we were able to identify where key areas for improvement were and key opportunities for further enhancing the Bluecrest experience from both a user and business perspective.

Customer experience (CX) map

Rethinking the entire customer journey

Problem solving is a collaborative exercise and understanding how our CX review and recommendations compared with the business goals was critical to delivering solutions that met both business and user needs.

As a combined project team of 12, we workshopped where key problem areas were as a business which included legacy infrastructure, customer service requests and updates to result packages all of which were essential inputs to requirements gathering process.

It became clear 2 key areas had to be addressed quickly – the booking journey, which had higher than usual drop off rate and the My Wellness app where customers received their all important results which hadn’t had a redesign since it was launched.

Team workshop

Improving the booking journey

The first UX challenge was to improve the booking journey which had a very high drop off rate at the point at which the customer choses their clinic.

By analysing screen recordings of live users we were able to identify the key firction points and most important parts of the journey to redesign.

Then through wireframing, prototyping and testing alternative solutions with the project team we were able to create a much more streamlined and intuitive booking experience.

Wireframe to mobile app design

Redesigning the results app

The most critical and emotional part of the Bluecrest experience is delivering the assessment results through the My Wellness platform to their customers.

There were several aspects to consider when redesigning this part of the expierence:

  • Presenting a wide range of body and blood readings in an easily navigable interface
  • Presentation of sometimes complex data sets
  • Giving due prominence to colour coding without distracting with other brand and visual elements
  • Providing opportunities for the customer to delve deeper into the explanations for each result
  • Opportunities for Bluecrest to promote offers and complimentary services
Tablet design

Hi-fidelity concepts

Part of the work we did with the Bluecrest team was providing a ‘vision’ for how the app would look in hi-fidelity. We provided a number of different visuals based on the tested and approved wireframes demonstrating how colour could be applied and key brand elements could be brought through into the final interface design.