Event management app redesign for sports ticketing SaaS


Design guidelines, Design system, Information Architecture, Interactive Prototyping, User Experience Design, User Journey Mapping, Visual Design, Wireframing.

6 months

Ticketpass needed a digital product design partner to create a brand new app to support staff at live events.

Event staff would need to be able to undertake a number of key tasks from the app including:

  • Scanning tickets for entry
  • Purchasing or refunding tickets
  • Purchasing merchandise
  • Emailing ticketholders

Purchase ticket flow

Aside from checking in attendees, a critical function of the app is for attendees to purchase tickets.

As part of the UX phase we prototyped and tested several versions of the purchase journey which had to accommodate a wide range of event and ticket types. Making sure staff would be able to process transactions quickly in a live situation was an important constraint when honing the UX and UI.

Purchase flow diagram

Managing orders and refunds

Our objective was to create a sophisticated system for managing orders and refunds while ensuring an intuitive and user-friendly experience.

Event staff would have to get familar with the Box Office interface very quickly with minimal training and would be required to perform tasks such as partial order refunds, percentage-based refunds, and complete refunds quickly and efficiently.

The incorporation of these capabilities within the app was designed not only to streamline the process for users but also to significantly minimise the need for customer service interactions.

Responsive design

Although optimised for tablet use, the Box office app had to be fully responsive in case mobile phones were the only available device for event staff.

This presented several challenges particularly in translating some complex tabular layouts to the smaller screen without changing the overall structure of the layout. It took several iterations to optimise and involved working closely with the dev team to ensure new code was kept to a minimum and that there was a logical adaption from tablet to mobile.

Design system

An essential part of the project was creating a design system that the Ticketpass team could use to create the box office app and then maintain and add to it in the future without having to rely on fresh design input every time.