Brand and marketing website redesign for email marketing SaaS


Brand Design, Information Architecture, Interactive, Prototyping, Responsive Design, Stakeholder Research, User Experience Design, User Journey Mapping, Visual Design, Wireframing.

5 months

Otto, EmailOctopus’s much loved brand character was due a makeover. It had been over 6 years since he was conceived and the team were keen to evolve his look along with the rest of their brand identity.

The marketing website would also be completely redesigned to give the email marketing platform a whole new marketing presence, allowing them to push on in their growth ambitions.

Having redesigned the product just under 18 months ago, Vector were honoured to work with EmailOctopus again though this time the entire project was undertaken remotely due to the UK’s Coronavirus lockdown.


EmailOctopus had already undergone an internal exercise to establish their mission, vision and values and through a brand workshop with us, a brand personality was developed to help create their new brand identity.

With the marketing website the team wanted to bring their customers to the fore, telling their stories and not just highlighting the product’s features.


If your product isn’t providing value for your customers, they’ll look elsewhere. We make sure your product is easy to use, enjoyable, and drives customers to your product’s aha moment.

  • User Experience Design
  • Stakeholder Research
  • Brand Design
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Responsive Design
  • Wireframing
  • Information Architecture
  • Visual Design
  • Interactive Prototyping


Research & planning

Over the course of 3 workshops we worked collaboratively to develop a more detailed brief, challenging each other’s ideas and identifying key areas for improvement of the current brand and website.

Meetings were held via video calls and it was important to get to know the team and their aspirations and most importantly the audience they wanted to attract in order to develop a visual identity that was fit for purpose.

Visual design

The first phase of the project involved researching hundreds of visual references and compiling mood boards for the overall creative direction for the brand. Presenting and getting detailed feedback from the EmailOctopus team led to further exploration and sketching of initial ideas for the new Otto.

Alongside the logo, a strong, sea themed colour palette and set of illustrations were designed – providing a visual language that could be used across all their channels.

The website design focussed on their customers and the actual emails that are created on the platform, clearly communicating the value of the product and customer centric philosophy of the team.

Brand kit

A key aspect of the project was the development of a design system that gave the team a set of guidelines for the brand but also a practical promotional toolkit allowing EmailOctopus to create advertising banners, social media posts and marketing emails easily and confidently in-house in the future.

Brand kit design system
Social media design


EmailOctopus now has a distinct new brand, striking website and marketing toolkit that their growing team can use to communicate across a range of digital channels.

As a result of the product, brand and marketing website redesign:

  1. LTV increased by 37% in the first 12 months after the product redesign
  2. Conversion rate increased by 73% after the brand and website redesign

We loved working with Vector. Rebranding our small business was a huge undertaking: high risk, high emotion but they guided us through with empathy, expertise, patience and creativity. We're so happy with the finished product.”

Jonathan Bull
CEO, EmailOctopus
Jonathan Bull
Jonathan Bull
CEO, EmailOctopus