Ticket Tailor

New visual identity and marketing website for event ticketing SaaS


Brand Design, Front-end build, Information Architecture, Interactive Prototyping, Responsive Design, Stakeholder Research, Usability Testing, User Experience Design, User Journey Mapping, User Research, Visual Design, Wireframing.

3 months

It wasn’t just a desire for growth that drove the new visual identity for Ticket Tailor but a new brand positioning that reflected the company’s stellar and soulful core values.

Ticket Tailor was founded 10 years ago with a mission to help event organisers easily sell tickets for any type of event.

Since then the visual identity has undergone various incarnations and has helped them to become the biggest independent ticketing platform in the world helping over 30,000 event organisers in 184 countries.


Ticket Tailor approached Vector to create a brand new visual identity in order to reflect their new brand positioning and values: Simple, soulful, supportive and stellar.

The website needed to focus on the target audience – the event organisers and conveying how effective the ticketing platform is for them would be key to the success of the project.


Research & planning

Ticket Tailor wanted to overhaul the visual identity and website in time for promotional activity due to begin early 2020 which meant a very lean approach had to be adopted to all phases of the project to ensure an approximately 10 week turn around.

Research and planning were undertaken over the course of 3 days of workshops during which the new brand positioning and initial ideas were explored and key decisions on direction were made.

Visual design

The logo and primary brand colour remained the same but a warm complimentary colour palette was chosen along with a typeface to help project the new values.

In order to bring the brand to life we worked with an illustrator to create a number of people illustrations representing the diverse types of events that the platform caters for. A visual language of icons and accents to help bring emphasis to key content was also created to help amplify the brand experience.

Ticket Tailor typefaces

All screens were prototyped with conversion optimisation firmly in mind – the pricing page required several iterations in order to provide essential tiered pricing information to the prospective customer whilst also providing clear call to actions for them to sign up.


Vector were also tasked with providing high quality built HTML to the Ticket Tailor team so they could integrate it with their templating engine. We worked with our development partner to produce the code, managing the delivery and supporting both teams through to the final launch of the site.


The Ticket Tailor website realised the ambitions of the company to reflect their mission and new positioning with a warm, soulful and unique visual identity and marketing website for the event ticketing sector.

Brand guidelines

As a result of the brand and marketing website redesign:

  1. Sign-ups increased by 27% after the website and checkout redesign
  2. LTV increased by 70% after the rebrand

Vector's talented design team immediately got what we were trying to convey with our brand and were able to collaborate with our own team to successfully produce a fantastic redesign of our visual identity and website.”

Jonny White
Founder & CEO, Ticket Tailor
Jonny White
Jonny White
Founder & CEO, Ticket Tailor