Design refresh for renter and landlord SaaS


Information Architecture, Interactive Prototyping, User Experience Design, User Journey Mapping, Visual Design, Wireframing.

3 months

Canopy is a multifaceted B2B and B2C SaaS helping to build financial trust between renters, agents and landlords. The company needed to streamline their messaging and tell a simpler more compelling story visually to help attract new customers.

Canopy was already a successful SaaS but wanted their marketing website to better engage with their 3 customer types:

  • Renters looking to build credit via their ‘Rentpassport’ based on their rental record rather then traditional and flawed credit scoring methods
  • Agents and landlords wanting a surer way to assess prospective tenants they can trust through the SaaS platform that show’s a tenants rental history and score based on their payment reliability

There were several aspects to the project:

  • UX review of the marketing site to assess the key user journeys and how to improve them
  • Workshopping alternative information architectures to solve the triaging of the customer types to the content most relevant to them
  • Creating a much more cohesive homepage and landing page design, combining clearer messaging and more engaging content to help prospects learn quickly and act
Hero wireframe and information architecture review

Information architecture

Exploring different information architectures with the project team was a crucial initial phase – analysing the pros and cons and creating a clickable prototype to help bring the options to life were all part of the process.

They key debate was whether to target the largest cohort – the renters – by directing the hero messaging to them and using secondary modules to engage landlords and agents and reflecting that in the navigation or allowing more equal. representation.

We decided on the latter – reflecting through design and content the equal importance of the 3 sides of the renting relationship and triaging the 3 parties from the homepage hero and navigation.

Wireframe to hi-fidelity design

UX and hi-fidelity design

The design phase had 2 parts – creating wireframes for the 3 key customer journeys and testing to make sure the messaging, visuals, CTAs and key actions could be completed efficiently.

The content had to answer the most common questions for each of the customer groups – providing enough information to help the prospective customer make their decision without overwhelming them.

Presenting screens from the B2C and B2B SaaS solutions meant Canopy could ‘show as well as tell’ users – seeing what the customer will sign-up to and looks like is a big part of engagement during their research phase.

The specific renter, landlord and agent landing pages meant the marketing could be directed to each of these – structurally very similar but with tailored content for each use case.

Old homepage design vs new design
Mobile designs


By creating a more obvious route for the key customer groups to take when they arrived at the website meant each of the landing pages saw an increase in traffic as well as increases in engagement and critically, clickthroughs to the sign-up flows.

We really enjoyed working with the Vector team - their process quickly established the goals and requirements of the project before they worked within our existing brand to deliver a fantastic refresh of Canopy's marketing website.”

Vina Mistry
Marketing Manager, Canopy
Vina Mistry
Marketing Manager, Canopy